Best Anal Sex Positions

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An illustrated guide on the 11 best anal sex positions

When it comes to making anal play feel great, it’s important to get the ergonomics sorted out. The right position can make everything more comfortable and enjoyable, for both the giver and the receiver. Here are the 11 best anal sex positions.

Best Anal Sex Positions – Facing Down

One of the advantages of a face down position is that it makes everything much more accessible to the giver. The more they can see what they’re doing, the smoother things will go. That’s especially true if you’re starting off with anal massage to warm up.

Try lying flat with your legs apart (1). This is a super relaxing position and it gives a lot of easy access. If you find it’s not as comfortable as you’d like, you can bend one leg at the hip and knee (2), resting that leg on a pillow. Find the angle that allows you to relax into the surface of the bed.

Lying down with your legs apart is one of the best positions for anal sex

Bending your leg at the knee using a pillow is a comfortable position to have anal sex

Another option is to get on your elbows and knees (3). This works better than hands and knees for two reasons. First, keeping your hips above your shoulders spreads the butt cheeks and gives easier access. Second, hands and knees can put a lot of pressure on the wrists.

Couples claim that going down on your elbows and knees is one of the best positions for anal sex

You can also stand on the floor (4) and bend over the bed, the kitchen table, the hood of the car, or anything else that’s the right height. Put a little bend in your knees to give a little extra movement in your hips.

Bending over the bed or kitchen counter can provide a great angle for anal sex

One thing – if the receiver is a woman, be careful to not let any lubricant run downhill and get onto the vulva or into the vagina. That can cause some serious problems.

Best Anal Sex Positions – Facing Up

If you want to try a face-up position, start by placing a small pillow under your hips and another one under your head (5). That puts your spine in a C-curve and helps everything stay relaxed. You can place your feet flat on the bed with your knees bent, or you can grab the backs of your knees and draw them to your chest (6). Having your knees close to the chest gives more access, but might feel like it takes more effort, so find the angle that feels best to you.

Facing your partner whilst supporting your body using pillows can be an intimate position for anal sex

Having your knees close to your chest can allow deeper penetration during anal sex

You can also do this at the edge of the bed (7), while the giver stands on the floor. That makes it easy for them to use their hands or a toy. And if you want to move towards anal intercourse (8), it might be the perfect angle for you.

Face up positions are often preferred by couples who like to indulge in intimate anal play

Face up positions make it easy to include the genitals in your fun, and you have the added intimacy of eye contact. But they can be a little tricky since the giver has to operate by feel rather than by sight. So you might have better results if you start face down to warm up, and then shift to face up once things have gotten going.

For solo pleasure, face up can be a good way to include genital pleasure along with your anal fun. You might need to try different angles, depending on your arm length and flexibility. Try going between your legs or around the back and see what works better for you.

Best Anal Sex Positions – On Top

Face up and face down are great for hands and toys, as well as anal intercourse and pegging. But there’s nothing stopping you from being on top, either.

One advantage to being on top during anal intercourse and pegging is that the receiver is in full control of the depth and pace of penetration. You can get just the right angle and speed that works for you. Plus, there’s easy access to the genitals for some extra pleasure.

If the receiver is a man, he can slide down and then rock his hips from front to back. That levers the dildo or penis into his prostate for an out-of-this-world sensation!

You can try this position face to face (9) or reverse it and face away (10) from your lover. You can also have the giver sitting on a chair or couch, which will allow them to touch you more easily. And if you like showing off, place a mirror where you can both see it.

Going on top allows the partner to take full control of the depth and pace of anal penetration

Facing away from your partner while on top adds to the fetish of anal sex and is often considered as one of the best positions

Best Anal Sex Positions – Lying Sideways

For a more relaxed anal experience, try lying on your side on the bed (11). Bend your upper leg at the knee and hip, and place it on a pillow. The giver can straddle your lower leg (which is straight) and use their hands or a toy. This is also one of the best positions for anal intercourse and pegging.

Lying down on your side is a great position for anal sex, especially for people with back and knee pains

Side lying is a good option for people with back or knee pain since it gives a lot of support. It’s also worth trying if you’re pregnant or on the bigger end of the spectrum.

Experimenting with Anal Positions

These ‘best positions for anal’ might work for some people, but none of them work for everyone. Even a small change in angle or leg position can make a big difference. The most important thing is for the receiver to be comfortable since that will help them stay relaxed and open.

If it’s hard on your hips to lie on your back with your legs apart, use a couple of pillows to prop your knees. If face down is difficult on your shoulders, lie on a yoga bolster or stack some pillows. It might take a little experimenting to figure out the right support, and it’s totally worth it.

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